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Links to interesting web sites concerned with languages, language-learning, and cultural variety

(This page is still at a very early stage.)

Bande Dessinée

A site being developed for commentary on and the history of French comic strips, as well as French culture in general. It will also suggest how the comic strip can be used as an important aid in the learning of French.


Intellect publishes a wide variety of books for those interested in language, languages, and cultures. Among the categories of its publications are:

Cultural Studies, including the titles National Identity; Regionalism in the European Union; Food in European Literature; and The English Language in Europe.

Language and Writing, including Language and Thought and The Art and Science of Learning Languages.

Intellect also distributes titles for Elm Bank Publications, including Francophone Voices; Contemporary French Pronunciation; Variability in Spoken French; and Translation: Here and There, Now and Then.

Intellect in addition publishes International Journal of Francophone Studies and International Journal of Iberian Studies.

This publisher is particularly interested in computer-assisted language-learning.


The Linguist

This link is to the web site of the Institute of Linguists, London, which provides a wide range of linguistic services, including the journal The Linguist.

They have their own page of "
links to web sites providing a range of language services and information."


Pages on many different aspects of language, languages, and their cultures worldwide, including snatches of Sioux and Sanskrit. These pages are unusually interesting for the variety of the angles of approach.
But one of the last pages consists solely of the aphorism "
The limits of my language are the limits of my world." That this is the opposite of the truth is argued in Language and Thought, by Amorey Gethin (see the entry Intellect: Language and Writing above). The English-Learning and Languages Review would welcome a debate on this issue in its pages. Please send in your views to the editor!

Sección castellana

Pages in Spanish about dissidents in Latin America and China. They include an interview with a Cuban anarchist and its translation into English.

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