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Purposes of
Learning and Languages Review


One of the primary purposes of The English-Learning and Languages Review is to stimulate and provide a forum for critical discussion of what is effectively the dictatorship of the global English-teaching establishment.


However, it has many other aims.


It gives advice on passing language exams. It presents information on English grammar and usage, very often approaching the problems from a new angle, with the aim of providing a more correct account. It is hoped that in the future the Review will be able to discuss aspects of the grammar and usage of other languages as well.


It debates linguistic theory, and discusses the study of languages and language-learning principles.


It invites contributions on all those subjects and more, from those who find their own particular delight in the infinite variety of the languages of the world.


The Review would be very grateful to anyone who could translate pages of interest to them into their own language.


The English-Learning and Languages Review Homepage